Milton Williams Photography



Copyright 2013  

Enclosed are photographs I took at the 2012 Bill Pickett Rodeo on September 22, 2012 inside and outside the Upper Marlboro Md Equestrian Center. I shot the enclosed with my 300S Nikon Camera using a 18-200mm Nikon 3.5 DX lens; ISO 1100; 60-125 sec @ 4.5-5.6, white balanced for fluorescent light, panning for movement. I shot from a upper breacher seat, back to the wall, behind a woman with her baby seated in her lap looking at me. We left the arena before the bulls and riders did their thing. We will photograph them the next time. I have photograped them before. I, some years ago, photographed a  Bull coming out of the gate and had folk running for their lives. Going to pull the negative and show it some time in the future.

My grandson Shaun , 12 years old; accompanied me. He took photo's also. He has a interest in photography and is good at it. He used the (back up camera), D200 Nikon Camera with a 28mm-200 mm lens,  3.5 ED Lens; ISO 1000, 60-125 sec @ 4.5-5.6, white balanced for fluorescent light.  He took some nice shots. He surprised me with his ability to capture what I couldn't get.

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