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August 2, 2012    President Barack Obama presidential campaign rally at Leesburg Va County High School. Mitt Romney presidental  campaign workers rallied against the Obama campaign a couple blocks away from rally site. I was invited to go with Jim Baucom, ( 84 years old;  retired 23 year offical Grand Master photographer, Prince Hall Masons )  to photograph a Obama campaign rally  at the Leesburgh High School, in Leesburgh Va. His daughter Lisa and son in law John had secured event tickets for her family of five, father and me. Their eldest son,  Jordan and President Obama share the same birthday - August 4th.  Jordan, who turned 13 years old on August 4, 2012, got to shake hands with President and told him that they shared the same birthday. He was happy.  He said the president  gave him a great big smile.  I didn't get the photo because I was up in the beachers on the top row with a package of photo's in  a box situated between my legs while photographing the event.  I had packaged 3 photo posters of mine to give to President Barack Obama.  I had hoped  to meet with one of his aides to give  the photo's to who would get them President Obama. They where: WBA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONS (pictured left to right:) Muhammad Ali, Floyd Patterson,  Jack Demsey, Joe Louis Borrow, Joe Frazier and Jersey Joe Walcott;  PARADE THRILLS... H. D. Woodson H. S. and DUNBAR H. S. Color Guard. I US mailed them to him the next day from Davidsonville Md.