Milton Williams Photography



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 (Left Photograph)  Muhammad Ali and Stevie Wonder in conversation before Ali 's boxing exhibition benefit and Stevie's concert benefit for the American Indian Movement at the D. C. National Guard Armory.   Photograph by Milton Williams  ©   July 23, 1978.

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  • 1. Ron Baker photo of Milton Williams pictured during his MOMENTS IN TIME 2007 exhibition in the Amos White IV Gallery at Bowie State University curated by Professor Clayton Lang,  Photograph by Milton Williams  © February 2007 .
  • 2. Sister Marian A. Williams and I at a Yekepa Liberia West African village.  She was a Peace Corp volunteer in Liberia in the 1970's. Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  December 24, 1982.

Row 2. (l- r).

  • 1. Vernon Bellecord, American Indian Movement; singer Stevie Wonder and actor Marlon Brando pictured during a benefit concert given by Stevie to raise travel money for AIM Indians to return to their homes.  Photograph by Milton Williams  © July 23, 1978.
  • 2. Dr. Betty Shabazz speaking at The MALCOLM X Annual Commemoration Transforming the Legacy, Monday, February 21, 1994, Abyssinian Baptist Church, New York, New York. The event was sponsored by The Malcolm X Educational Foundation, Inc., Dr. Betty Shabazz, C. E. O. The Malcolm X Scholarship, a living memorial to Malcolm X, was established in 1983 by Columbia University, working with Dr. Betty Shabazz. Two scholarships are awarded each year to African-American students at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, who are most likely to make contributions to the improvement of health problems in African-American communities, and the broader society. The awards are made for two years in support of the third and forth years of medical schools. Class of 1994 recipient was Kevin Williams. Class of 1995 recipients where Kristen Graves, Kathie-Ann Ramsey, Diane Ridley, Mia Wright and Carol Worrell. Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  2.21.1994.

Row 3. (l- r).

  • 1. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, guest speaker at the 2009 84th Association For The Study of African American Life and History luncheon.  Photograph by Milton Williams  © 2.21.2009.
  • 2. NAACP representative Roger Wilkins  demonstrates in front of the U. S. Supreme Court during the oral arguments of the U.S. Supreme Court Affirmative Action in College Admissions of Gratz, Hamacher and Grutter vs The Regents of the University of Michigan . Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  April 1, 2003.